Good Process,
Good Work

Pre Production

It is very important for us to get acquainted with the clients and understand their exact need and vision. This meeting enables us to gather all your requirements that you wish to be fulfilled in the videos you want.

Once we are clear about the client’s need we start with the pre-production work that involves setting a budget, development of ideas and concepts, writing the script, create shot list, create storyboards, scout for location, determine equipment needs, cast talents, prepare voice overs, and schedule the shoot.

For animated videos characters are crafted with careso that they would successfully convey the ideas to the targeted audience.


Production is when all the planningand pre-production comes together. “Action!” is called, the cameras roll and the fun begins. Every little detail is taken care of – from lighting to cameras used. For animated videos our animators and graphic artists work magic and create the best animations and graphics to represent your brand.

Post Production

Once filming is completed, the post-production process begins. This is one of the most involved parts in our video production process. Post-production typically includes editing, sound design and sound mixing, voice over work, special effects, adding graphics and text that fit your branding.A rough draft is then sent to the clients for approval. Our main focus is to get the draft approved in the first round; however, we may allow two rounds for a review as well in case of discrepancies. After the acceptance, the draft is finalized and your video is ready to be published.