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Shutter burst photography

Burst mode alters the camera to a multi-shot series of images from a single shot cycle. This helps in continuous shooting of pictures rather taking shots one by one. This functionality is often used in action photography, wedding candid photography, capturing laughter, kids photography, new born photography and in various others.

MCW Studio’s shutter burst photography helps various industries in capturing perfectly timed shots. We ensure our customers that their pictures would be unique and stand out in the crowd.

new born baby

We offer:

  • High quality and precise pictures
  • Perfectly timed shots
  • Complete post production and picture editing
  • On time completion
  • Reasonable cost
  • Cover each angle possible


MCW Studio

MCW Studio is video production and animation studio. We make stories, of corporates, products, services, brands, events, personalities, or celebrities, for you, to share with your world.

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